L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N
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L E G A C Y / E D I T I O N

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denim as good to the planet as it is to your booty.

our legacy edition hemp-based denim is a sustainable wardrobe staple. made with over 50% hemp, they're a stiff denim style while offering moderate stretch. as you wear 'em, they'll soften and adjust to your shape without losing their original structure. plus, because we use natural and organic fibers, each pair will have their own unique quirks. making your hemp-based denim totally your own.

hemp is a stellar textile that's lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and super durable (bye, bye, fast fashion). embrace natural fibers. make a sustainable choice. wear the change.   

made to fit all genders. best for those seeking a more slender leg and fitted look.

  • ethically made in australia
  • designed in canada
  • mid-rise waist
  • cigarette leg
  • moderate stretch
  • vegan leather patch
  • 32" length
  • 54% hemp, 44.5% organic cotton, 1.5% spandex
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model sizes

styled images

L Y D I A (left) is wearing a 29

M A X (right) is wearing a 32

R O N A K is wearing a 36

E L D R I C (right) is wearing a 30

MAX (left) is wearing our T R A D I T I O N A L cut in a 32

studio images

J A M I E S O N is wearing a 28

size chart

buy your true size. A N A R A hemp denim fits snug and will relax by half a size as you wear them.

dm us on instagram, facebook or email help@anara.co for help with sizing