Why Hemp

yeah, you might be wondering: "if hemp is so fantastic, why hasn't it been used to create denim before?"
that was our exact thought.
hemp uses significantly less water and land than all-cotton denim. it replenishes 60% nutrients back to the soil it grows from. it doesn't require any pesticides or herbicides to produce. it's way more durable than all-cotton denim (see ya later fast fashion), and hemp is naturally breathable and moisture wicking.
we use a blend of over 50% hemp with sustainably grown organic cotton to create a comfortable, soft, light-weight denim that will stand the test of time. oh, and did we mention they're probably the most sustainable and ethically produced pair of jeans you'll ever own? check out our rad ethical partners.
we don't have unlimited time to protect our planet. make mindful choices. invest in a better future.
wear the change.