Our Story

why do we exist?
to put it simply, we're so tired of fast-fashion. of companies which put making enormous amounts of money over people, our earth, and all the creatures we share this planet with. we are here to do things differently. to offer a denim which uses less water, less land, will last more wears, treats their workers with respect and fair pay, and a company that will leave a positive impact. we exist to be apart of the solution. because every small effort matters, even what denim you choose to wear.
who we are?
A N A R A is run by two humans, with a heap of love and support from their friends and family. one canadian and one australian, which is why our jeans are designed in canada and ethically manufactured in australia. we are a super small start-up, doing our best to create a company with people and our planet in mind. any feedback, thoughts or support from you is incredibly appreciated. to us, we don't see A N A R A as "ours". we see it as everybodys. because, at the end of the day, there is no planet-b. A N A R A hemp is so we can all have a better choice to support the future of our planet.
why "A N A R A" & what's with 1971?
A N A R A is named after a woman called Danara, who was the sister-in-law of one of our founders. in the year 2000, Danara found out she was pregnant with her first child. shortly after, she also discovered she had cancer. she made the choice to continue with her pregnancy, even though it meant delaying her treatment and, ultimately, sacrificing her own life. she projected a selfless nature, one with honesty, candor, and living the heck out of what time she had on this earth. her life is what has inspired this brand. to give back to this world more than we take. to do what's best for the earth and the creatures on it, even if it may not be "best" for us as a company. and, above all, to leave behind something bigger than ourselves. 1971 marks Danara's birth year, which was the beginning of her impact. in a way, it's when A N A R A started, as well.