the last straw: the true cost of plastic straws

the last straw: the true cost of plastic straws

how did something so small become such a big deal? remember when we were kids and straws were just an additional source of amusement, blowing bubbles in your drink and opening your juice boxes with ‘em?

however, while we grow up and these memories fade, the plastic straws stay as they were. somewhat stuck in time. think about it, the straw you drank your sunrype fruit punch with when you were 10 years old is sitting in a landfill or floating in the ocean somewhere, completely untouched by time. and no, we don’t need to know how old you are now to confirm that math. it takes thousands of years for these plastic straws to breakdown. so, unless you’ve been around for a millennium, the straws of your past are still around haunting our ecosystem like trashy ghosts.

while you may think using a biodegradable straw or none all together isn’t really a big deal, it actually means something massive for the future of our planet.

in Manly, Australia, frequent scuba diver Kasey Turner found over 300 plastic straws while spending a mere 20min in a popular diving spot. she then went back the next day and found another 294.

if you’re wondering how they got there, it’s a product of our daily wasteful habits. think about it. if 300+ straws are ending up in one small aussie dive stop each day, how many are entering the ocean around the world? this very second, as you read these words, an unfathomable amount are joining their skinny plastic brothers and sisters, to passively damage our delicate ecosystem in potentially irreversible ways.  


not only for our Earth, but for the creatures who call it home. sea life often mistake straws like this for food and, as they are not digestible, the results can be fatal. or they can cause physical damage. we all remember the endangered turtle, found with a straw lodged up its nose, right? oh, you didn’t see that video? let us insert it below.

so, though it may seem like such a small culprit, kicking plastic straws can actually result in a massive positive impact. not sure where to start in replacing your tubular plastic habit? here are some simple tips that will help make our world a little bit healthier and a whole lot happier.


  1. make it a habit to say “N O”

start actively asking for no straw with your drink. does anyone expect you to be perfect and remember each and every time? heck now. but just the effort to try will have you saying “nuh uh” more often, and every little effort helps.

  1. B Y O S

this may seem too extra, but we swear, it’s empowering as all heck to pull out your own stainless steel straw and sip away like the sustainable king or queen you are! plus some companies, like Biome, offer super cute pouches to make your eco-efforts super fly and mega easy.

  1. suggest pasta straws

some businesses claim it’s too expensive to make the switch from plastic to paper or another sustainable material. companies like The Amazing Pasta Straw are making it easy and affordable for even the smallest business to like more mindfully. at 0.06 - 0.07 cents a straw, it’s hard to argue the price point.

look, we’re not saying all our environmental issues will be magically rectified by using sustainable, eco-friendly straws. but it’s at the very least somewhere to start.

don’t suck. make small, mindful changes. impact our world in a big way.

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