things to know about hemp denim

things to know about hemp denim

hi, hello. it’s me, your very first pair of hemp-based denim. i know, i look and feel like all-cotton denim, but i am a unique and mysterious unicorn.

okay, perhaps “unicorn” is too far, however, there are some fun facts to help you get to know your new hemp-based denim. again, maybe “fun facts” is stretching it (fabric pun intended), but they’re facts nonetheless. let’s jump on in!

▵hemp is lighter, yet more durable▵

you’ll notice the fabric feels lighter than all-cotton denim, which might lead you to worry about the lifespan of your jeans. the cool thing about hemp is, it’s 4x more durable than cotton. so, although they feel like a light and comfy pair of denim, they’ll last better wear after wear. bye bye, fast fashion!

▵hemp fabric isn’t perfect▵

because perfection is boooring. plus, hemp is an all-natural fiber, which means each pair of hemp-based denim will have its own unique quirks. if your denim has a lovely irregularity in the weave, this is totally normal. it means they’re a sustainable one-of-a-kind, just like you (awww).

▵nubs are buds▵

to further note on any fabric quirks, some jeans will have one of two tiny nubs. you’re likely not to notice them, however, if you do, leave them be. do not cut them off or attempt to remove them. love them just as they are. this being said, if you’re not down with this kind of imperfection, just email and we’ll get you sorted.

▵go true to size or size-down▵

hemp is a unique textile that will relax with the heat of your body. that’s why we recommend buying your A N A R A jeans snug, as you’ll notice they can relax by a half-size as you wear them. that'll leave you with a personalized fit which won’t lose its shape.

▵save water by not washing▵

because hemp is anti-bacterial, your A N A R A jeans do not require washing as frequently. if you spill on ‘em, just spot clean. when you do go to give them a wash, we recommend cold water and to wash them inside out, with like-colours. then hang to dry .

▵no, you cannot smoke your jeans▵

just… no.

overall, thank you for supporting our wild start-up. we want to do things better, with intention and care for our planet and all the creatures we share it with. this is the first step toward creating something uniquely mindful, which is why we need your feedback. as you wear your A N A R A hemp-based denim, tell us what you love about them and what you'd like us to improve upon. share your adventures in your jeans on the interweb (aka: instagram and facebook) by tagging @anara.hemp. be a part of our brand by offering your voice, because we won't be able to do this without you. and we wouldn't want to, anyways.

make your choices matter. leave a positive impact. wear the change.

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