why we choose hemp

why we choose hemp
oh, hey there. welcome to our journal. we figured it's important to let ya in on why we love our main textile: hemp.
the main motivation to create a denim with over 50% hemp was to drastically reduce the environmental impact from traditional jeans. then, along the way, we discovered hemp isn’t only a more sustainable choice, but a pretty dynamic and extraordinary plant altogether! but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
to keep things simple, let’s break down some of the key reasons we’re gettin’ hempy with it (na na na na na na na nana), and we’ll do our best not to ramble on like proud parents.
▵reducing water waste▵
a cotton plant requires about 50% more water than hemp per season. on top of this, we work with partners who use only approved dyes and chemicals and follow strict regulations around disposal and water waste.
each year, 4.9 trillion liters of water is used for dying fabrics alone, and it's estimated that the amount of water needed to grow, dye, and process cotton for just one pair of blue jeans ranges from 1,900-6,800 liters. that’s a lota water! not to mention the damage dyes and chemicals which aren’t disposed of properly can cause. with our bodies being made up of over 60% water and our earth covered by roughly 71% water, we think protecting it is pretty freakin’ important.
▵less land used▵
there is no planet -b, so every small effort to protect the land we’ve got is i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t. hemp yields 250% more fibre on the same amount of land compared to cotton, which basically means we can grow so much more on so much less.
▵re-nourish the soil▵
hemp is a gentler plant to grow, one which is able to return 60% of the nutrients it takes back to into the soil it grew from. industrial hemp can actually remove toxins from the soil! pretty neat, eh?
▵no pesticides or herbicides▵
because hemp is technically a weed, it’s able to protect itself pretty well against critters or other pests. so there’s no need to spray hemp crops with harmful pesticides or herbicides. hemp, protecting itself so we can protect our planet. what can’t it do?
▵grown everywhere▵
from China to Canada, hemp is able to grow in a multitude of climates. making it truly a global resource.
▵super durable▵
hemp is 4x more durable than cotton, helping our hemp-based denim last season after season (bye bye, fast fashion).
▵soft & lightweight▵
hemp softens with each wear and is ultra lightweight and comfy. our hemp-based denim will wear to fit your shape without losing its structure.
▵moisture wicking & anti-bacterial▵
hemp is naturally moisture wicking, making it a fantastic fabric to move your body in, as well as being anti-bacterial. we’ve taken our hemp-based denim on many hikes to test this out and they hold up as incredible adventure jeans.
▵reduce carbon emissions▵
hemp is one of the few crops capable of lowering carbon emissions through rapid dioxide uptake. Basically, hemp captures carbon emissions from the atmosphere, “trapping” carbon from the air into plants. For every ton of hemp produced, 1.63 tons of carbon is removed from the air. 
▵ethically grown & manufactured▵
our partners at Hemp Fortex were the first members in China mainland to join the Fair Wear Foundation — an independent non-profit organization that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers. they’re dedicated to doing things right, providing medical benefits, safety insurance, regular salary raises, vacation days, and community building.
in june 2013 Hemp Fortex founded the Hemp Fortex Foundation. lead by their CEO, the foundation aims to help those affected with physical disabilities to be able to afford medical bills and day-to-day living expenses. to read more about this epic company and how they’re doing things differently, check out their website here.
okay, so we rambled on a little like the proud hemp-based parents we are. but can you blame us? hemp is absolutely incredible and we can’t wait for the world to experience the environmental beauty of our hemp-based denim.
stand with us. buy better. wear the change.

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